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As 2E Medical, we have been in this sector with great responsibility by keeping human health in front of everything since 2015.

We produce the best quality disposable non-sterile surgical drapes, resist surgical gowns, resist surgical coveralls, patient sets and masks, which have become widespread and will continue to spread today, and we update and develop our productions, product groups, stocks.We will continue our production in full harmony with our founders, our R&D and all our employees. As 2E Medical, we work to increase the quality of our country in the health sector and to improve the health sector standards, and we complete the reasons of modern medicine around the world in our country.

We announced our name with our quality in disposable non-sterile medical products and now we serve the whole world. It is a great and deserved pride for us that we are a company that is known and worked in many parts of the world in this way that we continue without compromising our cleanliness, meticulousness and hygiene.

In addition to expanding our quality, we continue our way as a pioneer in this sector with our innovative and up-to-date works. We attach great importance to customer satisfaction in the works we do with mutual trust and we keep our customer relations strong. We grow and develop more and more every day with our honesty policy that we do not compromise or stretch under any circumstances.

It is one of our primary goals to provide healthier and safer work environments with products that our healthcare professionals can trust 100%. Along with the product profile we have created according to the needs of our customers, we offer them a wide range of products and deliver the products they want quickly, with high quality and without any problems. Our team continues to produce 100,000 masks, 40,000 resist surgical coveralls, 7000 patient sets, 100,000 colonoscopy products, 70,000 ribbed and 65,000 nonribbed gowns every day. Our non-woven products have passed the necessary examinations, comply with quality standards and have been certified by LMS CERTIFICATION LIMITED, an ACCREDITED organization. In addition to the achievements we have achieved through our production, we have many documents and certificates such as EN 14126, ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 13485: 2016, CE.

Together, we can have a much better and healthier world.

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